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Alan Lomax - The Land Where the Blues Began
I highly recommend Alan Lomax's "The Land Where the Blues Began" as an excellent introduction to the roots of the blues.

Links & Resources   

Check out The RooTsters' latest EP!

Musicians' Links:

Friends and people I've met along the road whose music you might also enjoy:

(If I forgot you or you'd like to be added to the list, send me an e-mail with your Interweb-tubes You-Are-Ill and I'll include you.)

Equipment, Parts & Accessories, Repairs, Recording:

  • American Music - equipment & repairs (Fremont, Seattle, WA); I buy local whenever possible — and will not be caught dead in a Guitar Center store (they treat customers like thieves).
  • Aaron Andrews - most excellent stringed-instrument repairman & luthier. (Aurora & N. 84th, Seattle)
  • Bard's Cathedral - the "anti-studio;" recording and CD duplication for musicians on a budget; run by accomplished polymath musician and certifiable multi-tasker, Thaddeus Spae. (West Seattle)
  • Dusty Strings is the premier acoustic-instrument shop in the area; lots of beautiful—and expensive—axes to drool over. They also have a really nice, intimate performance space you can book. (Fremont)
  • Whatever I said about Dusty Strings goes double for Emerald City Guitars, where five-figure collectibles are just hanging on the walls, waiting for you to animate them (and the owners' faces when you buy one). (Pioneer Square)
  • makes industrial-strength, custom instrument and equipment cases for everything in need of protection from airport gorillas and truculent roadies.
  • Just Strings - just strings, in bulk & at great prices.
  • Musician's Friend - equipment catalog.
  • Novax Guitars - Ralph Novak, fanned-fret pioneer and veteran custom luthier, makes some really bitchin' guitars. I'm currently drooling over a custom Serenade EL while saving my pennies to get him started on it. (Eugene, OR)
  • Self Adhesive Records - full-featured digital & analog recording (Georgetown, Seattle). My next two CDs are being recorded here; owner Jon Goff (formerly guitar, bass and keyboard for the Memphis Radio Kings) is also producing.
  • Shoestring Studios - recording acoustic music since 1977; Chris Glanister, Engineer/Producer, 425-218-5872. (Edmonds, WA)
  • Stewart-MacDonald - parts, accessories & instrument kits.
  • Trading Musician - used acoustic and electric instruments & equipment (Ravenna, Seattle); hard-to-find amp and guitar parts, good prices, nice people.

For Guitar Players & Performers:


  • The Cascade Blues Association is a good site to check out for all sorts of info including pictures and sound clips; Affiliate Member, The Blues Foundation.
  • The Seattle Folklore Society's Web site contains everything you need to know about Seattle's folk music scene - where to go, where and when to set your radio dial, who's hot and where to get the CDs, and much more. Indispensable for folk-music fans.
  • The South Sound Blues Association is based in blues hot spot Tacoma, WA; Affiliate Member, The Blues Foundation.
  • Victory Music is an all-volunteer organization founded in 1969 to support all kinds of acoustic music in the Puget Sound area. These are the folks I hang with most of the time.
  • I also belong to the Washington Blues Society, which supports blues in the Pacific Northwest; Affiliate Member, The Blues Foundation.

New CD Project: My latest completed project was "Merge," released in 2014. There's always the next project down the road, this one called "Blue Highways," a collection of acoustic Blues celebrating the off-the-beaten-track America you don't see from the Interstates. But first, another GoFundMe campaign!

See you at the next gig! Bluesically Yours,
                       - Stan


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