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"Long Way Home"   

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Since the mid-90s I'd been looking to write an anthem of some kind, to rally those voices that have been getting drowned out by the right-wing noise in our allegedly liberal media (not to mention the venom spewed out on "hot-talk" radio). I was becoming disillusioned by the Democratic Party's constant caving in to right-wing pressure and by Clinton's overly cautious "Third Way" fumblings, let alone his loose zipper. It got worse in 2000 (click here for my views on that topic). Then 9/11 provided the inspiration. I don't know if this is it, anthem-wise — all I can do is express myself to the best of my abilities — but it'll have to do until the real thing comes along. The progressive side of our political system has been battered for too long now and needs one badly. If this is not it, I hope somebody comes along and writes one real soon.

CD image: 'Ten Left' by The RooTsters"Long Way Home"
Copyright © 2001 Stanislove
(Published 2007 as part of "Ten Left" by The RooTsters; Suwimbo Music #535-06)

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Listen to a song clip.

I saw the burning towers fall, appalling to behold.
So many people crushed to death by hatreds vain and cold.
How can I keep a peaceful mind when blood hijacks the heart?
Oh, Sweet Revenge, your bitterness is tearing me apart.
('s tearing us apart.)
What can I do to help my friends and loved ones in this age
When I'm afflicted just like them by worry, grief, and rage?
I pray for God to light the way and show me what to do,
To help me take a leap of faith when life feels dark and cruel.
It's a long way home, I've lost my way before.
It's a long way home but I know where I want to go.
It's a long way home to America, to a place for yours and mine;
To a way of peace and brotherhood - we'll get there in our time.
I want to see those villains brought to justice swift and sure
But only if our openness forever will endure.
I want to work with all my heart to heal my country's wounds
So long as there's a future for Freedom full and true.
But some people long for simpler times, with manners well defined.
The righteous would approve of only them who toe the line.
But grace has many avenues, we've come so far and wide;
America the Bountiful has room for every side!
(...there's room for every side.)
It's a long way home...
We will light a candle, turn a spade, and fight this tyranny.
Go softly through the night, my friends, you are so dear to me.
Go tell your family that you honor what they could provide.
We only have this moment, let kindness be our guide.
It's a long way home...

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