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"Bob Migliore"   

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Dedicated to my good buddy Bob Migliore, a long-time friend who died of AIDS, a disease white, middle-class, heterosexual suburbanites weren't supposed to die of back in the 1980s. His manner of departing inspired me to begin the personal work I'm continuing to this day.

CD image: 'Ten Left' by The RooTsters"Bob Migliore"
Copyright © 1994 Stanislove
(Published 2007 as part of "Ten Left" by The RooTsters; Suwimbo Music #535-06)

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Bob Migliore was a big pal of mine from the old neighborhood, my kind of guy.
Quick-witty, with a twinkle for his beautiful wife, and a mind of his own on the topics of life.
A passion for learning, a yearning to roam, but he punched a clock 5 days a week;
Helping to build silver ships in the sky; wanting so much more than just to get by.
An old Dodge beater to drive to work, and a real attitude about jerks.
He used to say: "If you die with the most toys, you win!" A camper, two pistols, a bike and a boat.
But he had some bad luck, terrible luck way back when: a one-night stand gave him more than he thought.
Five years in hiding, his killer appeared. Bob took him on — did he ever show fear?
A yard with a kennel: his Suburban Dream, but when are things ever just what they seem?
Fighting crabgrass and plugged-up drains, Robert Migliore died of AIDS.
Now, Pat, his widow, is a little dynamo, telling her story wherever she goes;
Teaching understanding, patience and hope; so angry at her fate but still able to love.
Watching him suffer I gathered a lot about what matters, about what does not;
About the value of fam'ly and friends; and even when Bob was close to his end
He kept his sense of humor, quick-witty way about him, and it made me so proud, proud to know him.
Bob, good buddy, I miss you.

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